Most people are not aware of it, but the drainage systems in and around your home are a very important aspect of maintaining the state of your foundations. This is something that might surprise some because they are two seemingly different areas, but it is true. We are there to help you to navigate this and to give you repair jobs as and when you are in need of them. Give us a call today or keep on reading. On this service page we will detail all that is important about the drainage correction process and how to go about booking one for yourself.

Virgin Soil

If you have not already heard of it, we want to introduce you to the concept that this all revolves around. Virgin soil is the soil that sits just around the parameter of a building. It is important because when a building is erected, it necessarily disturbs the surrounding soil – often soil that has remained in the same state for many years before hand. This makes it susceptible to water logging and after construction work has stopped, it can sometimes act like a sponge, soaking up all of the liquid that falls from the sky and directing it where you don’t want it to go.


Here is the catch – the water will be redirected, without your knowledge, into the areas next to the walls of the foundation. This is fine for a while, but over time there is the possibility of seeping and permeation – through the outer layer and into the foundations. Water encroaching on foundations is never a good thing, no matter how new they are or what they are made out of. Therefore, it is a good idea to do something about this water sooner rather than later to avoid a monumental headache down the line. We are ready to help you with that.


By working with the drainage system we are able to make sure that the water does not infiltrate the virgin soil, and thereby, the foundations. There are two ways that we do this. Firstly, we make sure that the drains you already have are in good working order – that they are not blocked and that all of the systems are running smoothly. However, if you don’t already have good drainage in place, then then we will take it upon ourselves to install some for you. This will mean that the water that lies on the ground doesn’t have a chance to cause the damage to your foundations We are pros at doing this and we work for you!

Get in Touch!

For free inspections and accurate estimates, get in touch today. We will come and perform an inspection on the site that you have in mind and then formulate a comprehensive plan of action. Once you have had a chance to look over this and given your blessing, we will be able to come and get the work done on the day you specify.
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