We are ready to give you a helping hand with your foundations with anything from advice, tips, repair, inspections, maintenance, replacement and a whole lot more! One of the important things you should know about our team is that we have the cope and the scale to make sure that all of the jobs you give us are doable. That means any home or building, from an office block to a mobile home. Get in touch today to book and inspection and have a read through this service page for the information we have related to mobile homes. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we hope to hear from you very soon.


There is a bit of confusion surrounding what a mobile home actually is. As the french say ‘immeuble’ – meaning an immobile building is perhaps a more accurate description for what we mean in English. Mobile homes, as it turns out, are not actually mobile homes at all – they are stationary buildings, unlike caravans or SVs that people choose to live in for a variety of reasons. They are normally lightweight, and much quicker to build than some other forms of living. On this service page we want to encourage you to seek foundational work on your mobile home and commercial correction. We have all of the tools and the expertise that you need!


We are there to provide foundations for mobile homes before they are build as well as being there to do maintenance and repair on existing foundations that you might need. When it comes to these types of buildings, concrete slabs are normally the best way to ensure security in the foundations. These large blocks of concrete acts as a buffer between the building and the soil beneath. They make a structural base that can stand the test of time. Here, most often, the mobile home is raised a little bit above the ground on these concrete foundations. One of the benefits is that this means there is little chance of water damage later on.


However, if you already live in a mobile home and you feel that you need some support with the foundations, we are there to help you out. You would make sure that you contact us rather than other contractors because not all know about the peculiarities of mobile home concrete slabs as opposed to larger, heavier house foundations. We will come in and perform an inspection first and we will establish the scope and nature of the damage through this. Then we will present you with a fix solution for your approval including accurate costings.


The kind of fix work that we will do necessarily depends on the extent of the damage incurred. For example, if we catch it early and there are only small cracks to fill, that is all we will do. However, if there is more – if it is a case of large scale structural damage, a new approach works far better. Call ​New Braunfels Foundation Repair for more information.
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