As a family company, we have been working with the community for a long while now. We have also been aware of the people in the community for even longer. This means that we have a connection to the people and we want to continue deploying our services to make sure that they are kept safe. So, when you need to find a company to do the work that your foundations need, you will not want to look much further than us as the best foundation contractor that New Braunfels has to offer. On this service page we will explore the different services and options associated with pier and beam repair. Read on to find out more!

Pier and Beam

There are many different kinds of foundational support out there in New Braunfels. We are aware of all of them because we have been working in the community for long enough to have seen it all. Pier and beam foundations are descriptive of the support offered by implements between the ground and the building, running through the foundations. They can be made of wood and metal and they are essential for providing extra support to the buildings we work in and the houses that we live in. For that reason, they are very important features.


If you suspect that there is a problem with your building, or if you think that the foundations of your building could do with a bit of love and care, then we are the company to do it – by all means! The first thing we will do when you book a service with us is have a look at what you have put in front of us. We will come and inspect the piers and the beams to make sure that they are where the source of the problem lies. Afterwards, we will see what we can do to make sure that it all gets fixed. In any case, out work will leave you with a secure and strong house.


There are many different fashions of repair that we will undertake when it comes to pear and beam repair and concrete slab repair. The job that we will do depends on the nature of the damage. We will apply filler and supports for small structural damage but if the beams and the piers are in a very bad state, then we might have to look at more complicated solution. This may involve wood treatment or replacement beams. Whatever the case is, you will be left with a very comprehensively serviced foundation that you can feel secure about.


One of the reasons why it is such a good idea to book us for a job is that it is very important to know that a repair job works, but only if there is the necessary maintenance going forward. As professionals, we will be able to give you all of the knowledge that you need in order to keep your foundations secure.
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