Here in New Braunfels, we have been helping people with their foundations for as long as we can remember. There are a few things that are essential if you want to grow a thriving business in the foundation repair sector. One of those things is to cultivate the kind of trust that can only be built over a long time with loyal customers. The second is to make sure that you complete every job to the highest degree and the third we want to mention is that it is a very good idea to do all of that with a smile on your face. The customers appreciate it and it works well!


When people think about concrete, they are unlikely to think about repair. If they’re smart they’ll this about New Braunfels Foundation Repair, though. Concrete is traditionally a very robust and durable material. Here, we are willing to concede some ground: it is true that concrete is one of those materials that keeps on lasting. However, that is only if you give it the proper maintenance it deserves. When you allow concrete to become weak, for whatever reason, you can be sure that you are in for a rough ride at some point down the line. So, keep on reading to see how we are able to give you some help.


There are many reasons why concrete might become damaged. It is usually outside which means that it is prey to the wrath of all of nature’s elements. The wind, the rain and the snow – these things can take their toll after a while. Also, concrete has to take quite a daily bashing. If you are talking about ground concrete, then cars are bound to weaken it; if you are talking about other concrete then construction and footfall can eventually cause small cracks and fissures which will leave it exposed to the weather: thus creating the conditions for damage to be incurred.


We are able to come and rectify most of this damage. Our job is dependent, though, on what kind of damage there is. We will come and have a look, before suggesting a scheme of repair for you to agree with. This will include things like filler or removal, layering or covering as well. We have never failed to do a great repair job unless the concrete is completely unusable, in which case we will remove it and lay brand new concrete for you. It is a win win with this service.


For the reasons above, we often suggest an inspection to kick off the service. We will come and have a look at the extent of the damage in the concrete and on the substrate – this will mean that we have a proper approach to tackle specific problems. It will also mean that we are able to offer you the proper advice and an accurate costing proposal. It is then for you to have a look and decide what is best. We will speak to you soon. Find out much more details about us.

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